Colorful Pens

Why Colorful Colors 

I’ve always been drawn to bright colors ever since I was young. When I was diagnosed with Autism at age 16, bright colors taught me to stay positive and look on the bright side. I hope that writing blogs in rainbow colors teach others like me who have special needs to always look on the bright side of things, and always to stay positive! 

I feel like writing in rainbow colors connects me to the field of special needs because, to me, the bright colors bring out a sense of hope, love, and peace. 

I believe being an Autism Behavioral Technician (RBT) and writing in rainbow colors makes me feel like I can conquer any challenge that arises. 

Bright colors encourage our brains to memorize patterns and ideas. Bright colors also help us to process thoughts. Some of the thoughts that bright colors help me to process are happiness, anger, sadness, and many other emotions. Overall bright colors are important for many reasons.

   As a child and as an adult with Autism, I found myself using bright colors to help my mind separate my sentences into paragraphs. It makes it easier for me to change subjects, and be excited about a new one. The colors help me by providing feelings of happiness, love, calm, and many more feelings. 

Examples of what color does for me: 

  • Candy Apple Red makes me receive a feeling of love
  • Pumpkin orange gives me the excitement of Halloween, which is my second favorite holiday
  • Yellow gives me a feeling of happiness and smiles
  • Mistletoe green gives me the feeling of Christmas joy, which is my favorite holiday as I am a December baby 
  • Ocean blue gives me the feeling of calmness and triggers the memory of the sound waves make, which calms my anxiety 
  • Pez purple brings me a feeling of creativity, idea, enlightenment, healing, cleansing, and soothing of pain 
  • Cotton candy pink signifies unconditional love, happiness, joy, sensitivity, and being emotional
  • Brown signifies ambition and power, which got me focused on my new career as an inspirational speaker
  • Black was the pain I used to feel with chronic anxiety, depression, and fear; however, I will never go back to black; it’s only forward from here
  • Grey plus all the other rainbow colors represent when I am a calm, simple person who has become wise, and I continue to work on my future. 

   If you have Autism or another learning disability, bright colors are a great way to inspire learning. As well as thinking about what you might like to say if you are writing to someone. I have been able to use color throughout the years to come up with great ideas for papers, school work, and more. I am getting ready to be married to the love of my life Rob. I have found a theme for our wedding, and a beautiful place to be married. All through colors! Use your creativity and see where colors can take you! 

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