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What is a BCBA?

According to the BACB website

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) is a graduate-level certification in behavior analysis. Professionals certified at the BCBA level are independent practitioners who provide behavior analysis services.

BCBAs may supervise the work of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts® (BCaBAs®), Registered Behavior Technicians™ (RBTs®), and other professionals who implement behavior-analytic interventions.

To maintain your BCBA certification, you must complete ongoing continuing education, adhere to the BACB’s ethics requirements and self-reporting requirements, and submit a complete recertification application and associated fees every 2 years prior to your recertification date.

Initial BCBA certification indicates that an individual has met entry-level standards for practice as a behavior analyst. The purpose of the BACB’s continuing education (CE) requirement is to ensure that BCBA certificants engage in activities that will expand their behavior-analytic skills beyond the requirements for initial certification, and help them stay up-to-date on developments in the profession.

All BACB certificants must adhere to the professional and ethical requirements outlined in The Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts. For more information about ethics requirements, please

If a BACB is providing supervision to RBTs, BCaBAs, or trainees pursuing certification, then you must meet all of the relevant supervision requirements and complete supervision continuing education.

As a certified BCBA, you are required to submit a recertification application (including payment) every 2 years. Recertification applications are available in your BACB account within 45 days of your recertification date and as soon as you meet your CE requirements. You must complete your recertification application on or before your recertification date to avoid lapses in your certification and late fees.

After recertifying, certificants will receive a new certificate and a new recertification date 2-years after their previous recertification date.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Doctoral

BCBAs with doctoral training in behavior analysis may receive the designation of Board Certified Behavior Analyst-DoctoralTM (BCBA-D™). The BCBA-D™ is not a separate certification and it does not grant any privileges above or beyond the BCBA certification. If you are certified at the BCBA-D level, you function in the same capacity as a BCBA (i.e., as an independent practitioner who provides behavior-analytic services) and are required to meet all BCBA maintenance requirements.


For more information, check out the BACB website

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