2024 is here

Hey y’all welcome to 2024. I know that i had stopped doing blogs last year due to getting busy. However, I am back. I hope that everyone is having a great start to 2024.
Going into 2024 our nonprofit Inspirational Experiences is growing. We have grown from two hundred followers to four hundred and six followers. I am working on getting my story out there. I have been on a few podcasts, interviews, and we will be featured in a news article this week,
Although 2024 is almost two months in already December and January start was rough for me due to being sick, I am finally feeling better. My medical challenges with my asthma have started to get worse. I now must be on a steroid inhaler and a nebulizer every day. Hopefully the medicines work and 2024 becomes an easier year with less medical challenges.
My health goals for 2024 are so important to me. A goal that I have taken seriously has been to quit drinking soda. It has been 6 days without soda, and I am feeling great. I have been drinking distilled water with crystal light. My final goal is to lose weight and eat healthier.
My goals for 2024 are to continue to grow my nonprofit by continuing to get my story out there. I want to continue to gain followers. My goal is to also continue to work on our donation intake, My final work goal is to get on more news channels to do segments or news articles.
I am so glad to be back and to be able to write blogs again. I hope that everyone is having a great start to 2024. I hope that 2024 is a great year for everyone. I will be writing more blogs this year. Stay tuned and let’s make this year a year to remember!


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January 20, 2024