About Kate


I am an Autism Behavioral Technician in training (Official certification is Registered Behavioral Technician - RBT). 

I got into inspirational speaking because I have Autism (Asperger’s) high functioning myself, and I want to inspire others. I have also been through anxiety, depression, and so much more, which has taught me that I am not the only one struggling, and my videos can give back to the community by helping others. 

I am learning how to become a strong inspirational speaker, through my coach Mike Ellerkamp. My goal is my training will give someone else hope, and peace that they may need through me. 

I am writing several children’s stories featuring children with Autism, or special needs. I feel there is a significant need for inspiration stories showing those with special needs; they are not alone. Hopefully, soon my books will be published for y’all. 

I have a blog on my inspiration website about my challenges of being Autistic, how I am working to become an Autism Behavioral Technician (RBT), and delivering you unique gifts of knowledge that I have received to all of you.

I feel like my gifts of the ability to be an inspirational speaking, writer, and blogger came from my loved ones that have passed on who know my love for writing and speaking.

I started my inspirational videos, and my writing as a release for my anxiety.  I never thought it would turn into a possible career. However, here I stand today, and life is magical! 

I want to thank those who got me to where I am today; my parents Maryjane and Thomas Fanizzi, my sister Clare, and my Fiancé Rob Chaney! 

My goals for the next few years are to continue to work on my career as an Autism Behavioral Therapist (RBT), advance to BCBA, then BCABA. I am working on completing my bachelor’s degree, so I can move on to earn a master’s degree so that I can accomplish my ultimate goal of owning my own ABA center. I also want to continue to publish children’s books, host Inspirational Speaking events, and continue Blogging to keep giving back to my community in a positive way. However, my biggest goal is to Marry my Best Friend and Fiancé Rob Chaney.