9th Blog

9th Blog

Hey y’all so here we are the 9th blog Thank you to all of my subscribers, followers, and friends, and family for continuing to stay on this journey with me. Thank you to my Fiancé Rob, my parents Maryjane& Thomas Fanizzi, thank you to my sister Clare Fanizzi, my speaking Coach Mike Ellerkamp, and my coach Brandon Wilson for teaching me , guiding me, supporting me, loving me, and for believing in me. Without all of you my dreams would never have come true.

How I got started

About a year ago I created my inspirational page, and I never thought I would get this far into inspirational speaking so I’m blessed. I think what truly got me started on speaking was the fact that my whole life elementary school to high school graduation I was bullied. So being bullied I wanted an escape to feel better, but I never thought my writing would take me this far. However giving back to my community and others who are going through hard times through my writing is special to me.

My main focus

My main focus of my inspirational speaking is Autism Awareness, and special needs. However I like to blog, and talk about many different topics. So I can provide any topics that my clients need as long as I’m given ample time to prepare. I hope to become the speaker all clients want.

My journey so far!

My journey so far has been unique I have been blogging, doing my live videos, networking, and so much more. I started this journey a year ago, and I never thought I would get this far. I am working on writing and editing my three children’s books, doing focused lives on Autism & Us, and so much more. I feel good about how far I’ve gotten this year, and I am excited to see where the next year takes me.

Future plans

My future plans for my company are to continue to work on growing my company. My plans are to continue blogging, doing my live videos, and focusing on some new ideas like podcasting, and working with new connections. I would also like to start working on getting local speaking engagements booked. Finally I would like to continue working on publishing my children’s stories.

What I want to grow on

In the next few years there’s so much I want to grow on. I want to learn about podcasting and grow into doing some inspirational podcasts. I also want to continue to coach with my speaking coach Mike Ellerkamp in order to continue to reach my goals of becoming a professional inspirational speaker, and attend speaking events. Finally I want to continue to coach with my other coach Brandon Wilson on finishing my children’s stories.

What viewers want to see and hear !

In order to make my speaking events and blogs engaging, I need my viewers to help me decide what topics besides the one I’ve done and typed about so together we can be successful. I try to post engaging posts and videos on my page at least once a week. Make sure that you also look out for new blog alerts. Please feel free to message me any topics you want reviewed or any questions you may have.

Wrapping it up!

Again thank you to all my supporters, my coaches, my parents, my fiancé, and everyone for all the love and support. Without all of you none of this would be possible. I look forward to continuing my journey forward with all of you. I hope that you all enjoy my videos, blogs, podcasts, and inspirational coaching.

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