Priority Management

Time is something you can lose and never get back. You probably even wish that there were more hours available in a day. The solution to this common situation is easier than one might realize. With a Read more

Positive Thinking

Have you ever felt overwhelmed to the point you lost all hopes of positivity? I know that I have been through the feeling several times. COVID-19 has been a massive reason for me feeling like there was no Read more

Why Colorful Colors 

I’ve always been drawn to bright colors ever since I was young. When I was diagnosed with Autism at age 16, bright colors taught me to stay positive and look on the bright side. I hope that writing blogs Read more



In January 2020, my fiancé Rob Chaney and I decided to visit Texas, due to a potential job offer I received. That trip did not result in an offer, but we found our new beautiful three bedrooms, two Read more